Lombard Sketch Group


Sketching Lombard

Meets: TBD ( Don't worry we will soon start this Group ) If you’re on this page you’ve seen the poster around town or found our MeetUp group page about joining a sketch group. If you are into drawing, sketching or painting and looking for a good excuse to get to get together with other artists and create you’re in the right place. Let’s face it sometimes you just need that time to hang out with like minded people. The purpose of this group is find the art all round and in us. We’ll do this in a group setting by going out and sketching and painting on location and at places like “The Corner House” in a group. This is not a class, but I’m sure we’ll learn from each other about techniques and art styles and the tools to use. Sharing is key.
What are we going to sketch? Whatever you want.
  • Doodles
  • Urban Sketching
  • Concept Art
  • Watercolor Paintings
  • Charcoal Drawings

Gatherings will start at The Corner House in Lombard. We can stay there or on really nice days head out and find something to sketch. After a few sessions we could start planning outings around town if we want to draw on location some were. We’ll do this in a group by going out and sketching and painting on location together. We’ll also practice working from photographs. We can work from photographs or while we are on location. The photos you work from should be ones you’ve taken. Ideally, we’ll work on location but I’ll be the first to admit that is just not always possible. That’s where the photos come in handy. We’ll meet once a month to go out on a sketching or painting safari around town.

Goals Of The Group:
  • Promote Lombard and it’s Artists.
  • Hold local showings.
  • Have fun creating art and then see where that takes us.
  • Create a yearly book created and edited by members of the group which we can sell online and in local stores.
  • Individuals are encouraged to sell originals and prints of the works created during the year but not required.
  • Be inspired and learn from the other artists.
  • Share ideas about our craft and the tools we use.
  • Feel free to work from photographs. (Especially your own photos!)
  • Reference materials are good too. Sometimes you just can’t get a photograph of something you want to create.
  • Meets at least once a month.
Social Media: Don’t be afraid of social media
  • We’ll post our work through Instagram, Flickr and Tumblr and whatever other channels people like to use.
  • Action photos – we’ll show ourselves creating or works on social sites like Facebook and Twitter. Hopefully you’re not too shy.
  • Publicly post and share the works.
  • If we’re lucky we’ll find a wall somewhere in town that will let us put our works up.

If you'd like more information send an email too: studios630@gmail.com