Co-Founder’s Message

Jumpin’ in the Deep End!

To start I’d like to introduce myself, I’m Sharon Tinker, one of the Co-Founders of Studios630. I am also an artist in the western suburbs of Chicago. A photographer primarily, I dabble in other media as well.

While I know that I am not the only artist here in the suburbs, sometimes it feels that way. The artistic community in our area seems scattered and isolated, transient. The opportunities to congregate, exchange ideas, collaborate, discuss, experience and inspire in a dedicated, centrally located space are few and definitely far between outside of the city.

I personally thrive in a creative environment and feel the most alive when doing so. That is what has been the inspiration for me to pursue my dream to open just such a dedicated space in our area. I truly feel this is a huge void that we have an amazing opportunity to fill.

That is how the idea for Studios630 was born. We envision opening a facility with affordable studio spaces available for lease to local artists, gallery space to host juried shows, classroom and event space where the general public, fellow art enthusiasts and supporters can get together, take a class, attend an art show or event, purchase art and just enjoy.

We are in the beginning stages of this endeavor and are very optimistic that together we can make the dream a reality. That being said, obviously we can’t do it alone. As they say, “it takes a village”. We invite you to share in our mutual passion and join us on the journey. This is a true grass roots movement that needs people and skills from all walks.

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Sharon Tinker

Co-Founder, Studios630