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We are launching an art forum. Get it? Art Forum? Oh well we’ve got the website now but we really want is to start the conversation.




As you know we are building a community of artists. We are starting here in the Western Suburbs of Chicago. We are looking for painters, photographers, writers, musicians whatever your art is you’ll fit in here. We are starting with galleries located in local businesses and moving out from there. We have a lot of lofty goals but we can’t do it without the help from other artists.

Follow the links and sign up on the forum. You can ask questions, give abvice or share some knowledge. If you want to take on a leadership role we can even promote you to a moderator so you can help lead the way to building a better, stronger art community.

So please sign up!



If you go to the website and click on “Art Beats” and when you see the drop down menu that says Art Forum you can click on there and it will take you to the sign up page. You have to sign up before you can gain access to the forums.


This is what the forum looks like right now. So after you sign up you’ll see something like this. Hopefully there will be more members and more topics and a lot of art talking going on.

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