Meet the Artists in January

“Meet the Artists”
Here’s the schedule for “Meet the Artists” event.


Jan 25th 3 to 5pm
100 W. St. Charles Road
Lombard, IL 60148

If you’re showing art please bring cards or other contact information with you. If you can make it for the full 2 hours AWESOME! But we understand you might be working on your next big piece and you’ll be in a grove.

Art Swap ( New Gallery going up on Feb 12th )
We’ll be doing the Art Swap on Feb 12th and installing a new gallery. Previous artists will be able to pick up your work. and hopefully bring something new. Let us know if you can’t make it that day so we can make special arrangements for delivery or pick up of your works.

You can view our requirements here.


Thanks to Don Meyer for the idea!

This is our new artist cards that will be next to your art works. We hope this will give a consistent look and make it easy for people to see who to contact about the art. But please bring your cards. We have a special stands around the store for people to take your information.

That Thursday night we’ll start around 5:30 so if you have new works you’d like to show or know other artists that would like to show please pass this information along. In March we’ll be announcing new requirements for the show. We’re still working out the details.

We are also collecting works for our second venue at ClaSha Gift Boutique. They have requested bold, large art, and if it has a fashion theme that’s a bonus! They support artists and the selling of their works. Again all works subjects should be safe viewing in public venue. Our goal is to get at least 6 pieces to launch the second gallery! We are on our way to starting an art walk.

Please forward this email to any artist you know that might like to show their works in either gallery.


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