Gallery Number 2 Is UP

In case you haven’t seen it our second showing of local artists is up at The Corner House! This showing has 14 local artists and around 36 pieces of art. Some of it for sale.

You’ll find photography, illustration and paintings.

While you’re at The Corner House picking up your favorite beverage. You can pick up business cards and information about the artist presenting their work.  If you’re interested in purchasing their works you can contact them with their cards or click on their links below.

Artists Showing Art:

Bruce Schuurmann  email

Carolyn Dunn email

Christine Murphy  630-715-0621 Call or Text

Chris Pestel    email  website

Debbie Heemstra Novak email

Don Meyer email

Kate Iwinski email

Karoline Heggaton email  website

Keith Heggaton  email

Kyle Macary email

Matt Puchalski  email

Sean McMenemy  , website

Sharon Tinker  emailwebsite

Susan Dowty  email


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