Artisan Greeting Cards

We are opening our first mini public store!

If you’re a local Artist and would like to submit greeting cards that you’ve made you can submit your samples here.


Submission Requirements for Cards:
Rack contains 72 slots all vertical.  Each artist can submit up to 6 designs.

You have to be able to produce your own product.

Package size: Slot Size: 5’’x7’’x1’’ vertical Could go as high as 8 inches ( it could be smaller say 5″ square or 4×6)

Fold over cards or Postcards

Art Content: Art needs to be Local (Western Suburbs ) or related to the location ( The Corner House, Art inspired Coffee, Drinks or the Coffee shop lifestyle. Other ideas? )  Ideas: Abstracts, Vintage Cars to connect with the “cruise nights”, food,

Art: Photos, Paintings, sketches.

Types of Packaged Items:
Package of 5 to 10 ( We set the quantity per package but should be consistent amount )
Price: We are working on prices points now but we believe $2 for single and $15 for a packaged set.  These are just guide lines.

Helpful Links:
Paper Types:

Package Types:

Tips on Creating the Cards:
Tips for creating cards
Cost Per Card

This was made possible by a donation by one of current members, Holly Tyson and Tina Tyson-Dunne thank you very much!

Based on the products purchased from Red River this is a spread sheet of the basic cost for creating your cards.

Product Paper Type Final Card Size Package Quantity Price Quantity Unit Cost
60 lb Paper Canvas 7×10 Rought/Matte 5×7 50 $24.05 1 $0.49
60lb. Pecos Rover Gloss 7×10 Gloss/photography 5×7 50 $26.69 1 $0.54
White Envelopes 5.25×7.25 100 $13.49 1 $0.14
4×5 office max check it out
Clear Card Boxes Plastic Box 5x7x1 25 $12.00 2 $0.48
Clear Display Bag A7 Plastic Bag 5×7 100 $7.50 1 $0.08
INK (cost will vary per printer model) Single with bag 10 Card Box
$0.30 $1.01 $9.30
$1.06 $9.80

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